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Dr. Claud Andeson

PowerNomics® is also a new concept, developed by Dr. Anderson, to examine race and to explain it to those who seek truth, from an unvarnished historical perspective. Race is a difficult issue to examine and usually invokes political correctness, emotion and personal anecdotes. PowerNomics is factual and based on an analysis of history.

In PowerNomics, Dr. Anderson teaches how to practice capitalism in our society that is based on capitalism. He offers Black America specific principles, strategies and activities to use to own and control resources, to produce group wealth, become more self-sufficient and economically competitive, to change behavior and to establish systems of accountability. 

PowerNomics can build a productive and healthy Black America that strengthens the country as a whole.

Dr. Anderson’s books, DVDs, CDs and lectures are totally unlike any other books you have ever read. You will not be the same after you read them. He makes the history of the United States come alive. 
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