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The Lion Guard finally makes their way to the Tree of Life where they meet Rani's grandmother Queen Janna. Alignment Makini is scared of Scar because of all the bad things he has done, such as killing Mufasa and destroying the Pride Lands. In season 3, she becomes the Royal Mjuzi to King Kion and Queen Rani. Her face is grey which rims around the eyes, with blue stripes settling just underneath. Timon & Pumbaa: The Native Chief • The Three Natives • Mother Gorilla • Fronk Fegnugen • Monty • Baampu • Nobi • Fred • Panther • Quint • The Woodpecker • Bruce • Stinky • Ralph and Eddie • Teds • Savage Lion • Bartholomew • The Tarsier • Toucan Dan • Vulture Police • Ned • Rabbit • Uncle Boaris • Uncle Ernie • Boss Beaver • Boy Beaver • Lester the Whale • The Tigress • Jackal • The Cobra • Speedy the Snail • Smolder the Bear • Little Jimmy • Irwin • El Toro • Count Down • Mr. She is eager to befriend everyone that she meets. Determined to find a means of defeating Scar, Kion leads the Guard into the caverns, while Makini stays behind for her own safety. Staying behind, a worried Bunga talks to Besthe about Kion's order, believing it's a sign that he is changing. Ignoring his protests, Rani furiously tells the Lion Guard they will never be welcomed at the Tree of Life and to leave and never return before departing. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 4. The Lion Guard › Makini. She is one of the few guest characters with a major role in. Makini is a young, dainty mandrill with grey fur covering her body with a pale gray underbelly. Album The Lion Guard. I'm Rafiki's new apprentice!""Shwari. Makini, Timon, and Pumbaa watching The Ukumbusho. Angered by the false alarm, Kion orders the Guard to not waste their time stopping to help animals who don't need their help. Unfortunately, because Kion was scarred by Ushari, he has been hostile toward her on their way to the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard The gours will get help Simba to feel better when they get the gourd they meet Scar and his army. Makini Kion orders the Guard to start clearing the rocks and set Bunga free. Affiliations The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: He Lives in You • We Are One • My Lullaby • Upendi • One of Us • Love Will Find a Way Unlike Janja's clan and Scar, Jasiri is friendly and open to making friends with the Pridelanders. Comments Add a Comment. Makini uses her Bakora Staff to bring a painting to life, which details how the original Lion Guard, led by Askari, had defeated a great evil by venturing deep into the Lair's chambers. The Lion Guard must return home to the Pride Lands to defend the Pride Lands from Zira. Her eyes are olive green. Timon & Pumbaa: Alone Together • Stand by Me • Yummy, Yummy, Yummy • The Lion Sleeps Tonight Scar, Janja (formerly), Cheezi (formerly), Chungu (formerly), Nne (formerly), Tano (formerly), Janja's Clan (formerly), Kenge, Ushari, Kiburi, Tamka, Nduli, Mzingo, Mwoga, Reirei, Goigoi, Makucha, Fahari, Jiona, Shupavu, Njano, Nyeusi, Nyata, Waza, Ora, Chuluun Home This makes Makini the first character in the series to have merchandise available ahead of her official debut. Toward her hands and feet are bands of dark brown fur, which are longer near her hands. 6. The others forgive Kion, knowing he didn't mean to lose control and suggest talking to the Night Pride again to explain themselves. Seeing that they have the Mark of the Guard Janna knows that they're from the Pride Lands and Rafiki sends them. The Lion King - Kiara and Makini. Though Kion briefly glares at Bunga, he lets the matter go in good humor. However, her tie to her species shines through in how often she laughs, Kion noting that the world is like a giant game to her. Makini and Anga worry about Kion and Fuli. Source The Lion Guard: Lair of the Lion Guard • Janja's Den • Tree of Life, Instrumental Scores: This Land • Hyenas • ...To Die For • Under the Stars • King of Pride Rock • Didn't Your Mother Tell You Not to Play with Your Food • We are All Connected • Hyenas in the Pride Lands • Elephant Graveyard • I Was Just Trying to Be Brave • Stampede • Mufasa Dies • If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill You • Bowling for Buzzards • We Gotta Bone to Pick With You • Kings of the Past • Nala, is It Really You? Season Two: "Palm Beached" • "Jamaica Mistake?" Kion realizes the situation, and sends Bunga and Ono to deal with them, while Makini collects the flowers. Photos of the The Lion Guard (Show) voice actors. Firework: Celebrate the Magic • Celebrate! After being directed to some fruits, Makini gets to work. Voice At the river, Fikiri had teased Makini by splashing her with cold river water. surprised that the Queen recognized her, Makini begins talking about her last visit to the Tree of Life. Fuli stands up for them and Makucha runs away. Remarking it's been a while since she's had a Royal Mjuzi with her, and Makini gets a replacement of her missing staff from Queen Janna (minus the gourd carrying Tuliza). Kion turns her down, saying he isn't going to get better just waiting around, leading Ono to assure Fuli that Kion will get better at the Tree of Life, with Fuli hoping he does before telling the others to move. Due to her innocent nature, she is very easy to deceive, particularly if others are friendly towards her. Makini knew that Kion was working on his Roar and Rani asks if Kion and the guard were to stay. She is Rafiki's young apprentice, set to succeed him as Royal Mjuzi of the Pride Lands once Kiara becomes queen. When Janja and Jasiri come to tell the Lion Guard that Zira is back, the Guard decides to go back home. This same brown fur also collars her neck. 8. Her excitable demeanor often leads to excessive talking, though she takes no offense to those who interrupt her. Makini is introduced to the royal family. After a vicious scorpion named "Sumu" stings Simba nearly resulting in his death, the Guard must go to the Outlands to get a gord. makini thelionguard thelionguardfanart thelionguardart makinithelionguard. • Prance With Me • Tujiinue • Height and Sight • We Will Defend • A New Way to Go • On the Last Night • When I Led the Guard • The Tree of Life • A Snow Monkey's Home • Ghost of the Mountain • Anything • That's the Dolphin Way • As You Move Forward • Flamingo Dance Party • You Best Not Mess With Mama • Friends to the End • Kion's Reckoning • Welcome to the Tree of Life • Who is Better Than Who • Poa the Destroyer • Long Live the Queen • Remember What Makes You You • The Power of the Roar • Of the Same Pride • As You Move On Makini is a young female mandrill and Rafiki's apprentice in The Lion Guard. The Lion Guard consists of a group of lions (though with the latest Lion Guard iteration, various animals), with the job of protecting the Pride Lands from danger, including all those that live in it, and keeping the balance of the Circle of Life intact. This tricks Makini into asking Rafiki about the bad lions of the past, such as Scar. When the tree branch starts to break, Kion is forced to jump to Yun Mibu's paws, allowing Anga to fly them both to safety. Makini is a female mandrill who appears in The Lion Guard. 46 Favourites. Good Her teeth, whilst petite, are sharp. Lion … 10 Comments. Calmly/Quietly/With Dignity One day, when they take a tour to the Back Lands with Kongwe, Fuli stands up for her when Makucha attacks her. She was originally going to be Kiara's Royal Mjuzi (if Makini still lived in the Pride Lands, she would have become Kiara and Kovu's Royal Mjuzi). Makini and Fuli go find Kongwe the oldest and wisest animal in the Pride Lands. She also tells him that she is in training to be the next Royal Mjuzi under her mentor Rafiki. • "Shake Your Djibouti" • "Yosemite Remedy" • "The Sky is Calling" • "Mozam-Beaked" • "Ocean Commotion" It introduces Simba’s son Kion, a fun-loving lion who’s more than happy that his sister Kiara is the one destined to rule the Pride Lands. Her excitable demeanor often leads to excessive talking, though she takes no offense to those who interrupt her. They later work together on many missions, such as getting the volcanic ash needed to cure Simba from a scorpion sting. Makini is on good terms with the rest of the Night Pride. She was hiding in a bush, secretly watching Kion talking to his grandfather Mufasa; then she makes herself known to the lion cub, amazed at his ability. At this point, Fuli gets Kion to calm down just in time for him to be tackled by Rani. The image of Makini was removed before release, but several months later, the same image was used on a bucket in Poland. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Makini and Ono work together to find the rest of the Lion Guard after getting lost in a cavern to which they are able to find their ways out by emerging above ground where they meet up with the Guard. Paraphernalia Atticus Shaffer, 22 Ono . Dislikes Television: Find Out Why • Timon & Pumbaa • Timon and Pumbaa's Wild About Safety • The Lion Guard • It's UnBungalievable! Of all of the members of Kion's Lion Guard, Makini admires Fuli the most because she is the first female to ever join the Lion Guard. Pig • Wolverine • Jumbo Jumbo the Elephant • Cheetato and Cheetata • Martin Pardon • Rita Book • Chef Claude • Captain Bloodbeard • Cisco Pig • Cisco Pig's Gang • Dr. Caliostro • Torgo • The Meerkat Angel • Pumbaa Jr. • Dr. Sarah Hyland, 30 ... Joshua Rush, 18 Bunga. thelionking. Since her debut, a running gag with her is that she keeps losing her bakora staff, requiring her to keep replacing it. surprised that the Queen recognized her, Makini begins talking about her last visit to the Tree of Life. Makini was first seen in early January 2017, on a French sticker album. Janja (formerly), hyenas (formerly), evil, Kion losing his temper Makini feels worried that Queen Janna has passed away and attends her funeral at the Willows as a tradition. Affiliations Kion tells Rani that even if she won't allow him to enter the Tree of Life, he begs her to take Ono instead, noting he wasn't part of the earlier fight and his eyes need to heal, clearly not wanting him to pay for his friend's mistakes. Also, on the way to the Tree of Life, Makini protects Ono whenever he is in dangers, such as when Makucha attacked their friends. Disney presents another installment in their Lion King Spin-off Series, The Lion Guard. Blair Underwood, 56 Makuu . –Rafiki, The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar. Be calm." Kion denies them a break believing they can rest at the Tree of Life. They are a quintet who protect The Pride Lands and defend The Circle of Life. Kion, Fuli, Rafiki, Beshte, Ono, Bunga, Simba, Nala, Kiara, Zuri, Tiifu, Ushari (briefly), Ma Tembo, Chama, Mzaha, Furaha, Timon, Pumbaa, Kongwe, Basi, Anga, Yuki, Makuu, Shujaa, Janja, Cheezi, Chungu, Nne, Tano, Azaad, Hadithi, Bupu, Lumba-Lumba, Yun Mibu, Jasiri, Rani, Baliyo, Surak, Nirmala Rafiki leads Makini to The Lair of the Lion Guard, and introduces her to the full Lion Guard. Enemies Meaning Good Yun Mibu approaches Kion, who tries apologizing for earlier, though Yun Mibu settles for Kion promising to not growl at him. In "The Harmattan", Makucha later kidnaps Makini to attempts to get her to guide him to the Tree of Life during the Harmattan, so that he can eat rare animals. Pride Lands (formerly)The Tree of Life Spirited, cheerful, perky, naive, talkative, benevolent, sneaky, curious, excited, energetic, innocent, helpful, impatient, cute, sometimes insecure, friendly, sweet After telling the tale of how Timon and Pumbaa brought the holiday to the Pride Lands, Makini concludes that she believes Christmas to be the very essence of the Circle of Life and Rafiki agrees. She served as Rafiki's apprentice, before becoming the Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life. The Lion Guard must align with an unlikely ally when a powerful dust storm called a "Harmattan" slows their search to find the Tree of Life. "If there's no right place to start, then there's no wrong place to start!". A ruthless enemy returns! TV Show Premiered on January 15 #2. On June 27th 2017, a plush toy of Makini was released, despite her lack of appearances in the show itself. • "Call of the Drongo" • "Paintings and Predictions" • "The Mbali Fields Migration" • "Bunga and the King" • "The Imaginary Okapi" • "Too Many Termites" • "The Trouble With Galagos" • "Janja's New Crew" • "Baboons!" While the rest of the guard goes on a tour with Rani Janna asks Makini to stay. Later, at sunset, she declares Rani the new Queen of the Tree of Life. Ushari asks Makini if there is a way to talk to Scar. Former Home(s) Regaining his confidence, Kion refuses to give up, pointing out how Ono's eyes also need to be healed. When Kion wonders if the plan will work, Ono assures him that clouded leopards are excellent climbers, something Yun Mibyu proves by hanging from a stump by his tail. Simba asks Rafiki where that particular watering hole is, and Makini pipes up to inform Simba that she has seen the same watering hole in the Back Lands and that it is owned by a herd of zebras. So long as she is offered another chance, she will do her best to rectify problems, regardless if it was her fault or not. Janna explains that while healing Ono will be simple, with his remedy being ready in a few days, Kion's ailments will take both time and patience. This page or article is all Clear! She is especially impressed … Bunga and Makini manage to convince Yun Mibu to help, insisting Kion is a nice guy and that he wasn't himself earlier. "We're trying our best to help you Bunga.". After the battle, Rafiki lets Makini go with the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life as there is no cure for his scar in the Pride Lands. Rhythm of the Pride Lands: Kube • Lea Halalela • It's Time • Lala • Busa • Noyana When Makini was little she comes to the Tree of Life to meet Rafiki. Fuli convinces Rani to let him go, saying they don't want to hurt anyone. Max Charles, 17 Kion. • "Oregon Astray" • "New Guinea Pig" • "Isle of Manhood" • "Puttin' on the Brits" • "Klondike Con" • "Isle Find Out" • "Beetle Romania" • "Rumble in the Jungle" • "Wide Awake in Wonderland" • "Zazu's Off-by-One Day" • "Animal Barn" • "Roach Hotel" • "Africa-Dabra!" • Starehe • Raha • Sumu • Kongwe • Kinyonga • Kuchimba • Shujaa • Anga • Strange Lion • Strange Cobra • The Fastest • The Strongest • The Bravest • The Keenest of Sight • Yuki • Hitashi • Kimyo and Nabasu • Domog • Dughi • Bogino • Chuluun • Pãgala • Krud'dha • Lumba-Lumba • Old Civet • Ora • Komodo Dragon • Fikiri • Kitendo • Tupp • Azaad • Flamingo Girls • Flamingo Girls' Flamboyance • Tenuk • Tompok • Seisou • Mama Binturong • Smun • Yun Mibu • Nirmala • Rani • Baliyo • Surak • Janna • Ullu • Sãhasí • Ãnanda • Binga • Tangaagim • Pinguino • Cek and Rama • Tsah and Sasem • Astuto • Varya • Feliks, Pasha, and Polina • Heng Heng • Kely • Kely's Troop • Askari • Shabaha • Kasi • Imara • Tazama ", Makini thinks that red pandas are so cute, Makini scared because Ono thinks he sees a dragon, Makini looks at the painting of the waterfall, Makini remembers her family telling her about her becoming a Royal Mjuzi. The army attacks them but Kion uses his roar to scare them. On their journey, they run into Makucha, to which Fuli was able to defeat the leopard by following Kongwe's advice. In "Journey to the Pride Lands" she tells Kion that she needs to stay with Rani. Unlike Rafiki, Makini’s appearance is close to resembling a mandrill in real life; her tail, especially, is an actual mandrill’s tail design. Makini is asked to paint the elephant's sunburst on their heads, Ma Tembo soon finds out that the Lion guard doesn't look like lions so Makini decides to paint them yellow. Restaurants: Restaurant Hakuna Matata Her hands, feet, and muzzle are pink. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Rafiki's apprenticeRoyal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life Pride Lands Makini sees Scar again in a fire at Mizimu Grove. Alignment Since the gag with her losing her bakora staff is dropped completely after taking the Bakora Staff of the previous Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life, it is possible that this was the work of the Great Lions of the Past showing her that she is meant to be the Royal Mjuzi for the Tree of Life rather than the Pride Lands. The Lion Guard Popularity TV Show #621. Kion starts making his way back to the pass, by which point the others have managed to free Bunga from the rocks. The mother leaves in a huff despite Beshte's apology, deeply annoyed that she now has to get her son to leave the nest all over again. Printed Media: Uru • Ahadi • Kopa • Boma • Kula • Zuzu • Joka • Lulu After her staff was stolen by Mama Binturong and her porcupines, Bunga decides to retrieve it back to Makini to which he was able to do so. The Lion Guard joins in, and together, the two groups put out the fire. They have first met at the Tree of Life because the Great Lions of the Past tell him that Makini would be the next Royal Mjuzi for the Pride Lands (though in Season 3 she becomes Royal Mjuzi of the Tree of Life instead of the Pride Lands). Makini's overall appearance is more similar to her father while her eyes, facial features, and hairstyle are more similar to her mother. TV Show Premiered in 2016 #39. The Lion Guard: Makini Returns is upcoming american live action musical adventure film from walt disney pictures and directed by jon faverau Plot Cast Ames McNamara as Kion Issac Ryan Brown as Bunga Brooklynn Prince as Fuli Dusan Brown as Beshte Jeff Bennett as Ono Didi Costine as Makini Donald Glover as Simba Young 191 Comments. With Max Charles, Joshua Rush, Diamond White, Atticus Shaffer. • "Sitting Pretty Awful" • "He's a Bad, Bad, Bad Sport" • "Dapper Duck Burgers" • "It Runs Good" • "Hot Air Buffoons" • "Timon in Love" • "Kahuna Potato" • "Mook Island" • "Cliphangers", The Lion Guard S3, Ep3 3 Aug. 2019 Background information Her face is grey which rims around the eyes, with blue stripes settling just underneath. 51K Views. https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Makini?oldid=4328617. 1 History 1.1 The Lion Guard 1.1.1 “Journey of Memories” 1.1.2 “Return to the Pride Lands” 2 Members 3 Appearances in Fanfiction 4 Gallery Makinirecounts taking a journey to theTree of Lifewith her parents,Fikiriand Kitendo. Landry Bender is the voice of Makini in The Lion Guard. Die film is dus de pilot van deze televisieserie. Ono recalls the map, remembering that there is a narrow mountain pass up ahead, with the Tree of Life on the other side. Mandrill 1. TV Show: The Lion Guard Franchise: Lion King. His name means "Leader" in Swahili language. Personality When Ushari listens to Makini and Rafiki's conversation about a way to talk to the villainous lions of the past, such as Scar, Ushari overhears that a bakora staff and a scheme to make Kion use the Roar of the Elders in anger would revive Scar. Cast of The Lion Guard. "Oh, that means we really are on the right path to the Tree of life.

Popeyes Hot Honey Chicken Still Available, Difference Between Male And Female Red-whiskered Bulbul, Inca Doves As Pets, Harvard Occupational Therapy Program, Wombat Burrow Map, Brs Behavioral Science 8th Edition Pdf, Remedia Amoris Summary, Baby Meerkat Gif, Vinegar On Broccoli,