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hospital service line strategy

Should you invest in hospital expansion? Presenters: Nancy A. Lyle Interim Associate Hospital Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning Oregon Health & Science University Portland, OR Joseph M. Spallina, FAAMA, FACHE Director Arvina Group, LLC Ann Arbor, MI … 6. ... Service line excellence and growth don’t occur organically. August 19, 2014 • Author: Carolee Bennett, Sr. Social Content Manager/Team Leader. 2. Introduction The concept of service line management is not new to hospitals and hospital systems, but the reasons for implementing a service line strategy have changed. In the past, most service line strategies were primarily marketing initiatives directed outside hospital walls in an attempt to gain market share. They are supported by hospital leadership with infrastructure focused on service line leadership, quality, data/information technology, growth/strategy, finances, and efficient operations. The Challenge The Affordable Care Act and industry-wide pressures to cut costs have accelerated the need for hospitals to assess the strength of their service … Developing a strategy Your orthopedic service line strategy must address how you want to address the challenges and This article, the first in a series on service line management, builds upon the concept that service line management in hospitals is similar to brand management in other industries. 3 Reasons to Have a Hospital Service Line Marketing Strategy Hospitals across the country are trying to find ways to improve the patient experience, in service lines like bariatrics to maternity. Apply to Director, Vice President, Vice President of Strategy and more! Vice President ! Contact Travis Ansel to discuss your health system’s current service line strategy, or for assistance in building a new program. Good healthcare marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Additional resources: “6 Considerations to Guide Service Line Strategy” (Becker’s Hospital Review) Figure 1: The Cardiovascular Service Line. Fort Wayne, IN! Strong and definitive leadership from the very top of the organization is essential for success, since many toes will be stepped upon along the way, and this change must be managed skillfully. Here, it became the regional leader in neurosurgical services. Many hospitals and healthcare groups pull their objectives together into a Balanced Scorecard with a strategy map showing how they link together. Hospital expansion is an opportunity to serve community healthcare needs, offer expanded services and improve your hospital’s bottom line. The hospital needed a service line strategic marketing plan to differentiate itself from fierce competition and to grow its core services. Disclosures! Segmentation helps in understanding characteristics of different groups of the population having similar attributes. 3. Kevin M. Kennedy, Principal, ECG Management Consultants, Inc 5 Reasons to Include a Blog in Your Hospital Service Line Marketing Strategy. One strategy for improved efficiency in patient care while keeping quality high is utilization of a product line matrix. Table 1: Redcliffe Hospital clinical service lines Critical Care, Women’s and Children’s Service Line Allied Health Services Maternity Antenatal clinic Birthing suites Anderson has designed cardiovascular (CV) service line strategies for more than 12 hospitals and academic medical centers in the past two years. A good service line strategy takes into account current capabilities, as well as the risks and limitations of capability growth, and addresses how to leverage current assets to address those limitations. For example, the hospital might agree to reinvest a portion of any savings achieved back into the service line. CV service line strategy! HSG can help your health system build and implement a service line strategy or specific service line improvement plan, which can greatly impact the effectiveness of the overall management infrastructure. From there, you can go as in-depth as you’d like with campaign planning, even to the procedure-level to determine where hot spots exist in a specific geography. The hospital offers a range of services varying from internal medicine to neurology, and boasts a dedicated nursing staff and community-recognized excellence in patient care. Moving from plan to design! None! The clinical service plan is structure in accordance with these service lines. A service line leader must be able to articulate the strategy concisely and clearly, to all professional levels in the organization. In addition to this, the hospital aims to be the first patient focused but market driven hospital in Jeddah through our competitive strategies and core values. Service Line Strategy. Your community – and your bottom line – will thank you. From the smallest community hospitals and critical access hospitals to the largest hospitals with bed-counts in the hundreds and even thousands, Surgical Directions helps hospitals of all sizes develop and deliver optimal surgical and procedural services. The role of the service line financial lead is a key component of the transition from hospital-based management to service line management. Through analysis with a tool like the Insights Business Planner, you can define sub-service lines and even procedures that fall under the service line at your hospital. • Jada L. Keith, senior consultant, has assisted hospital and medical group clients with service line strategic planning, fair market valuations, joint venture development, and physician compensation planning. And if so, where do you start? At one hospital, employing these strategies resulted in a … This study addresses the outcome of utilizing a product line strategy consisting of 3 service lines during the past 5 years at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics (UWHC). Ask any hospital administrator what their key service lines are and orthopedics is likely to be in the top three. Understand when and why service distribution planning will be needed. MedAxiom Consulting ! Evaluate each business unit and service line to identify core elements. Hospital Service Line Development. Boost your service line performance and accomplish goals like increasing brand awareness and patient volume when you dig into your competitors’ websites, service line by service line. Since the Apollo Hospital … Strategy Enterprise Strategy Facility & Capital Asset Planning Mergers, Acquisitions, & Partnerships Physician Alignment & Network Development Provider Workforce Planning Service Line Strategy Finance Financial Advisory Services Industry Benchmarking Payer Contracting & Reimbursement Provider Compensation Planning Valuation Services 5. Her areas of focus are CV service line development, strategic planning, and hospital/physician affiliations. Competitive strategy: They are the result of purposeful planning, and these plans must dovetail with the vision, strategic direction, and strengths of the hospital or system. Large hospitals and healthcare systems are comprised of many departments that offer, very often, dozens of service lines, such as pelvic health and orthopedics. Marketing Oncology: Service Line Strategies for Marketers Live Webcast presented on: January 25, 2010 HealthLeaders Media presents… 4 5. MidMichigan Medical Center: A Case Study in Service Line Design and Organization Take an Iterative Approach. Service Line Management (SLM) has been used by many hospitals in different ways, but many hospitals struggle to realize the potential benefit that SLM offers. 176. This role serves as the primary contact for all financial matters for Women’s Health and collaborates with other financial areas such as supply chain. Queensland Health website1 Table 1 details the services currently provided at Redcliffe Hospital. A hospital must insist on clear purpose and a strategy for its service lines. Evaluate how your hospital might be falling short, and then follow these new rules for hospital marketing. 4. The hospital will capitalize on the added value of sub-specialty centers and their ability to offer better patient services both medical and non medical. ing multidisciplinary service line planning for oncology and other specialties. In a webinar on March 28, 2012, Asit Gosar, client services executive with Objective Health, and Connie Cibrone, director of client service at with Objective Health and former president and CEO of Allegheny General Hospital, shared how hospitals can best develop a service line strategy to remain competitive. D: 5 Oct 04 SROA Pres™n A rvina G 2 roup, LLC Cancer Program Service Line Planning! Segmentation, targeting, positioning in the Marketing strategy of Apollo Hospital –. Medical practices should explore a service line strategy as a way to improve operations and patient care through standardization and best practices, maximizing resources and reducing redundancy while creating brand identity and patient loyalty. successful CV Service Line. Implement a business/service line analysis framework. Step 1 in Service Line Feasibility Analysis: Service Line Definition Develop an operational description of the new service line Identify the target markets – payers, consumers, and referral sources – for the new service line Create a proposed pricing or payment structure for the new service line Use a structured process to analyze the core businesses and services. Apollo Hospital uses demographic and psychographic segmentation strategies with variables such as age, gender, income, region, and marital status.. But is it time for your facility to expand? In this article, we give you the tools to answer these questions for yourself. “You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” Albert Einstein (1879 - … service lines in neurosurgery and pain management, while the hospital reduced spending in other areas. Most recently, 489 Orthopedic Service Line Director jobs available on It all starts with a vision!! Trends: Service Line Development Case Study Analysis Background: Trinity Community Hospital Trinity Hospital is a 150-bed facility located in the southeast United States. Service Line Analyzer provides hospital service line managers and administrators the ability to organize their service line data effectively by consolidating hospital inpatient and outpatient, and physician data to pull out specific insights within their service lines across departments and … So as a hospital, you need to be prepared for the types of medical problems you could run into more frequently and be able to communicate effectively with the patients in question.

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