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thalassiosira pseudonana morphology

(For information on the genome project click here.) Morphological observations on two species of the diatom genus Thalassiosira from fresh-water habitats in Ohio. Selenium: an essential element for growth of the coastal marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana (Bacillariophyceae). 1993. Muylaert, K., and K. Sabbe. Rapid method for generating designer algal mitochondrial genomes. ; Jablanovic, J.; Sun, L.; Ma, L.; Goldgof, G.M. ; validation, R.R.C., S.L.B., A.S., D.J.G., S.H., G.B.G., D.R.E., and B.J.K. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 67(8): 3501-3513. The family of Thalassiosiraceae have the unique quality of having a flat valve face. This work expands our understanding of potential hurdles that can be encountered when cloning and propagating synthetic organelle genomes in host organisms. Genkal, S.I., and N.Y. Prokina. 1981. Acta Botanica Hungarica 30, 277-287. Exploring Si Uptake Mechanism in Thalassiosira pseudonana through CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing. 1973, Maestrini et al. CLASS: Coscinodiscophyceae ORDER: Thalassiosirales FAMILY: Thalassiosiraceae GENUS: Thalassiosira Thalassiosiraare a genus of centric diatom and primarily grow in marine waters. Archiv für Hydrobiologie 92(3): 287-305. ; Assad-Garcia, N.; Chuang, R.-Y. ; Sathishkumar, R.; Li, H.Y. These can often be mistaken for Areola. Department of Biochemistry, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, The University of Western Ontario, London, ON N6A 5C1, Canada. ; Karas, B.J. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society 94(1): 118-123. Received: 26 September 2020 / Revised: 20 October 2020 / Accepted: 22 October 2020 / Published: 26 October 2020, (This article belongs to the Special Issue. Creating synthetic organelle genomes can open the door to a wide range of applications, such as improving crop yields, treating mitochondrial diseases, or manufacturing high-value chemicals in an environmentally sustainable way. Influence of irradiance on cell volume and carbon quota for ten species of marine phytoplankton. The effect of saline seeps and restricted light on the seasonal dynamics of phyto plankton communities within a southwestern USA desert canyon stream. Karas, B.J. Fulfilling iron requirements of a coastal diatom under different temperatures and irradiances. Rapid evolution of a sexual reproduction gene in centric diatoms of the genus Thalassiosira. 1981. Temperature-influenced species composition in mass cultures of marine phytoplankton. 1992. Harris, A.S.D., L.K. There is little or no evidence to support that Thalassiosira pseudonana has significant socio-economic impacts in the Great Lakes. This information is preliminary or provisional and is subject to revision. 1989. 1976. 1991. Marine Ecology Progress Series 109(1): 83-94. Parslow. Ecology of freshwater diatoms from the central region of Portugal. It is capable of quickly adapting to changes in irradiance by adjusting cell volume (Thompson et al. The central region of the valve face is often bounded by an irregular siliceous ring and may or may not exhibit central fultoportulae. Guillard, and H.T. ; Glé, C.; Hartmann, A.C.; Hildebrand, M.; Gerwick, W.H. 1995. Effects of pH on the growth and carbon uptake of marine phytoplankton. It typically exhibits a ring of fultoportulae around the edge of the valve face, costae that may run from the middle of the valve face to its edges, and one labiate process. 2001. Karas, B.J. 1995, Hasle 1976, Lange et al. Thompson, and P.J. ; Pillay, V.; Johns, T.G. 2005. MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Feedback interactions between zinc and phytoplankton in seawater. In previous work, we demonstrated a method to make copies of an alga mitochondrial genome using yeast and bacteria. Great Lakes region nonindigenous occurrences, the earliest and latest observations in each state/province, and the tally and names of HUCs with observations†. Although genome sequences of a few diatoms are available, little is known about the … NOAA | DOC. Larsen, and H.B. Prakash. Jackson. The silica balance in the world ocean: A reestimate. Hasle, G.R. Phytoplankton ecology in relation to pollution in Visakhapatnam Harbour, east coast of India. Mills, E.L., J.H. Thalassiosira pseudonana can range in diameter from 2.5–15 µm (Belcher and Swale 1977, 1986, Harris et al. An obligate requirement for selenium is demonstrated in axenic culture of the coastal marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana (clone 3H) (Hust.) Genetic variability and differentiation in the temperature niche component of the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana. Tesson, B.; Lerch, S.J.L. ; Suzuki, Y.; Weyman, P.D. 1976. Belcher, J.H., and E.M.F. 1978. McQuoid, M.R. ; Koob, M.D. Cloning whole bacterial genomes in yeast. O’Neill, B.M. Complex repeat structures and novel features in the mitochondrial genomes of the diatoms, Oudot-Le Secq, M.P. Here, we show that the same approach can be used to clone mitochondrial genomes of another microalga, Thalassiosira pseudonana. Swale. ; Koob, M.D. Asian Marine Biology 6: 161-166. Thalassiosiraceae are a centric diatom full of fultoportula. (1962) The morphology of Thalassiosira fluviatilis from the polluted inner Oslofjord Nytt Mag. 1989. 2006. Follow all label instructions. those of the individual authors and contributors and not of the publisher and the editor(s). Journal of Great Lakes Research 19(1): 1-54. Note: Check federal, state/provincial, and local regulations for the most up-to-date information. Areolae are fine and details of their structure are not visible with the light microscope. 1984. ; Szyjka, S.J. 1983. Armbrust, E.V., and H.M. Galindo. Wang. The morphology of T. pseudonana is similiar to that of marine specimens and has some affinities to the genus Cyclotella. 2. British Phycological Journal 21(2): 139-146. Maestrini, S.Y., B.R. Acta Botanica Hungarica 30(3-4): 277-288. Thalassiosira pseudonana is also used as a model organism for silica biomineralization because its entire gene sequenced has been published. Representative TEM images of T. pseudonana valve biosilica from a wild type and b–d the three Sin1 knockout clones. Meave del Castillo. 1977. Selenium deficiency was characterized by a reduction in growth rate and eventually by a … 2011-09-25 07:09:59 Bengt Karlson - Added media: Thalassiosira rotula_2.gif Nordic Microalgae is developed and operated by the Swedish Meterological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) with funding from the Swedish LifeWatch project . ; writing—review and editing, R.R.C., S.L.B., A.S., D.J.G., S.H., G.B.G., D.R.E., and B.J.K. ; Tagwerker, C.; Yonemoto, I.T. ; Grimwood, J.; Shapiro, H.; Armbrust, E.V. Blinn, D.W., M. Hurley, and L. Brokaw. A BLAST search of the genomes was carried out using the δ-CA protein sequence from Thalassiosira pseudonana (BAO52718) and Thalassiosira weissflogii (AAV39532), both centric diatoms, and Fragilariopsis cylindrus CCMP1102 (OEU11320), a pennate diatom, as query sequences. Potential: Thalassiosira pseudonana has been found in the Great Lakes basin composing 31% of the periphyton community and 90% of the plankton community (Lowe and Busch 1975). Construction of novel chloroplast expression vector and development of an efficient transformation system for the diatom. With a PCR-based approach, we cloned the mitochondrial genome of. KISS, K. T., l986: Species of the Thalassiosiraceae in the Budapest section of the Danube. Hasle, G.R. Fast gapped-read alignment with Bowtie 2. Leach, J.T. Hu, Z.; Fan, Z.; Zhao, Z.; Chen, J.; Li, J. Estuaries 20(2): 416-429. Avalos, J.L. You seem to have javascript disabled. Growth and Photophysiology. Glasgow Jr. 1995. 1995, Hasle 1976, Lange et al. 1981. Two species of Thalassiosira, a normally marine or brackish-water genus, have appeared in relatively large numbers from fresh-water habitats in northwest Ohio. Chesapeake Science 17(3):1 48-158. The silica morphology is affected both by temperature and Si abundance. Algae are attractive organisms for biotechnology applications such as the production of biofuels, medicines, and other high-value compounds due to their genetic diversity, varied physical characteristics, and metabolic processes. 1996. Guillard, R.R.L., P. Kilharn, and T.A. Assembly of eukaryotic algal chromosomes in yeast. 1975. Medlin, J.Lewis, and K.J. Thalassiosira fluviatilis Hust. As the G+C-content decreases, the probability of any sequence producing a spontaneous promoter or origin of replication becomes more likely, which can result in plasmid toxicity and instability [, Although we can confirm that most of the mitochondrial genes on the pTP-PCR C2.1 and pPT-PCR C2.1 plasmids are expressed in, Now that two algal mitochondrial genomes have been cloned in host strains, we have a better understanding of potential hurdles that can be encountered when applying this method to other species. Re-examination and assessment of the morphological traits of the diatom genus Thalassiosira Cleve, a case study of Thalassiosira allenii Takano: Guo Ya-Qiong, Wu Gui-Yi, Li Yang: Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Subtropical Biodiversity and Biomonitoring, College of Life Science, South China Normal University, Guangzhou 510631, China ; Venter, J.C.; Merryman, C. Chemical synthesis of the mouse mitochondrial genome. Hasle and Heimdal grown in artificial seawater medium. T. pseudonana was selected for this study because it is a model for diatom physiology studies, belongs to a genus widely distributed throughout the world's oceans, and has a relatively small genome at 34 mega base pairs. ; Zamani, M.; Matysiakiewicz, O.; Dan, K.N. ; Hildebrand, M. Characterization of a new protein family associated with the silica deposition vesicle membrane enables genetic manipulation of diatom silica. Miao, A.J., and W.X. Planktonic centric diatoms from the Sandusky River, Ohio, USA. Sumper, M., and E. Brunner. Thalassiosira pseudonanais a centric diatom that belongs to the diverse algal group, likely arose from a common secondary endosymbiotic event, involving at least five different genomes.Diatoms are involved in various biogeochemical cycles most notably involving carbon, nitrogen and silicon, and contribute 30% to 40% of marine primary productivity. Slattery, S.S.; Diamond, A.; Wang, H.; Therrien, J.A. They can be identified by their characteristic sha… Kinetics of silicon-limited growth in the marine diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana Hasle and Heimdal (Cyclotella nana Hustedt). 1983, Lowe and Busch 1975, Muylaert and Sabbe 1996, Price et al. Harrison, and J.S. Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 17(1): 42-44. Pérez-Cabero, M.; Puchol, V.; Beltrán, D.; Amorós, P. Delalat, B.; Sheppard, V.C. Organelles are tiny biological machines that work inside of living cells. ; Mayfield, S.P. Ectocarpus siliculosus (Cock et al., 2010) in Phaeophyta and Aureococcus anophagefferens (Gobler et al., 2011) in Pelagophytes have also been sequenced. Hegseth, E.N., and E. Sakshaug. Raman, A.V., and K.P. To that end, we have previously demonstrated that the mitochondrial genome of microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum can be cloned and engineered in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Escherichia coli. ; Ghaemi, S.R. Rogers, and C.D. Gao, H., Y. Gao, and J. Liang. ; Diner, R.E. ; project administration, B.J.K. ; Wolff, K.L. Diatoms are unicellular, eukaryotic, phytoplankton that display a unique evolutionary history and provide major ecological contributions in marine environments. Karas, B.J. Sabater, S., and R. Klee. ; Noskov, V.N. We sought to examine the burden of propagating the cloned mitochondrial genomes in eukaryotic and prokaryotic host strains. Thalassiosira pseudonana grows well at pH of 7–8.8, but its growth rates are reduced at higher pH because CO2 becomes limiting (Chen and Durbin 1994). The identity of Thalassiosira pseudonana The combination of a relatively nondescript morphology and a series of three name changes over the years [26-29] has led to some uncertainty about the identity of T. pseu-donana (Additional file 3). European Journal of Phycology 30: 117-131. ; Jazey, T.; Lee, K.; Klassen, Z.; Desgagné-Penix, I.; Karas, B.J. Hasle, G.R. ; methodology, R.R.C., S.L.B., A.S., D.J.G., S.H., G.B.G., D.R.E., and B.J.K. Volkman, J.K., S.W. Phycologia 17(3): 263-292. 1999. Here, we applied the same approach to copy the mitochondrial genome of a related alga. Exotic species in the Great Lakes: a history of biotic crises and anthropogenic introductions. Most species are cosmopolitan, or able to exist in a variety of marine environments around the world. Conceptualization, B.J.K. ; Janakirama, P.; Edgell, D.R. and Lange, C.R. Growth response of Thalassiosira pseudonana clone 3H to illumination temperature and nitrogen source. In T. pseudonana, distinct silica morphologies were observed during formation of different cell wall substructures, and three different scales of structural organization were identified. Physical There are no known physical control methods for this species. 1973. Thalassiosira pseudonana is a marine centric diatom. Belshaw, N.; Grouneva, I.; Aram, L.; Gal, A.; Hopes, A.; Mock, T. Efficient CRISPR/Cas-mediated homologous recombination in the model diatom, Görlich, S.; Pawolski, D.; Zlotnikov, I.; Kröger, N. Control of biosilica morphology and mechanical performance by the conserved diatom gene, Schober, A.F. ; Liu, J.S. (1989) Freshwater and brackish water Thalassiosira (Bacillariophyceae): taxa with tangentially undulated valves. Towards this goal, we have previously developed a method for cloning and manipulating, It has been observed previously that cloning low G+C-content DNA into bacteria can be problematic. The statements, opinions and data contained in the journals are solely Kalpana Manandhar-Shrestha, Mark Hildebrand, Characterization and manipulation of a DGAT2 from the diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana : Improved TAG accumulation without detriment to growth, and implications for chloroplast TAG accumulation, Algal Research, … Swift D.G., and W.R. Taylor. Although the cloning of this mitochondrial genome in yeast using the previously developed method was possible, the properties of this genome may make it more susceptible to mutations during propagation in bacteria. One of the challenges in the emerging field of synthetic biology is engineering organelle genomes. 1986. ; MacLeod, M.R. ; Martinez, D.; Putnam, N.H.; Zhou, S.; Allen, A.E. First, the mitochondrial genomes will need to be engineered with mitochondria-specific selectable markers. 1997. 2008. 1991). Langmead, B.; Salzberg, S.L. ; Smith, H.O. Many potential organisms are under investigation for desirable properties useful for biotechnology applications. ; Zhu, C.C. Journal of Phycology 42(1): 21-35. Massive development of a little known diatom Thalassiosira pseudonana in the Volga Russian-SFSR USSR. Notes on some small Thalassiosira species (Bacillariophyceae) from the plankton of the lower Thames and other British estuaries identified by transmission electron microscopy. Names and dates are hyperlinked to their relevant specimen records. The results draw an overall picture of the changes in Thalassiosira pseudonanaat individual cell and population levels due to differences in temperature and silicon availability. We use cookies on our website to ensure you get the best experience. ; data curation, D.J.G. Trentacoste, E.M.; Shrestha, R.P. Bierne, H.; Michel, B. Different species of Thalassiosira can be identified by the morphological characteristics of their areolae and the processes on the valve. ; Van Bennekom, A.J. Using antibiotics that target organelle-specific processes, previous studies have demonstrated an increased efficacy of antibiotic resistance proteins when they are localized to the organelle compartment [, We have demonstrated that a previously developed method for cloning and manipulating mitochondrial genomes can be applied to additional microalga. Negri, and H.R. ; Huber, W. HTSeq-A Python framework to work with high-throughput sequencing data. Acta Botanica Hungarica 30, 277-287. ; Río Bártulos, C.; Bischoff, A.; Lepetit, B.; Gruber, A.; Kroth, P.G. ; Rao, S.; Prestidge, C.A. ; Berges, J.A. * HUCs are not listed for areas where the observation(s) cannot be approximated to a HUC (e.g. ; resources, G.B.G., D.R.E., and B.J.K. Enhanced genetic tools for engineering multigene traits into green algae. Botanica Marina 39(2): 103-115. Observations on centric diatoms of the River Ebro, Spain: phytoplankton, with special interest on some small Cyclotella.

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